Solenoid Coil

The molded water resistant Class “B” solenoid coil, available on most Refrigerating Specialties solenoid valves, is designed for long life and powerful opening force. The standard coil housing meets NEMA 3R and 4 requirements.  This sealed construction can withstand direct contact with moisture and ice. The coil housing far exceeds the requirements of NEMA Standard ICS.1-110.57 salt spray test for rust resistance.

The Refrigerating Specialties Division molded water resistant Class “H” coil, used on SV2 valves only, is designed for long life and powerful opening force. The Class “H” coil construction will permit coil temperatures, as measured by resistance method, as high as 180°C (365°F).

Solenoid Valves

This compact, heavy duty, direct acting, plated ductile iron bodied solenoid valve is suitable for Ammonia, R-12, R-22, R-502 and other common refrigerants for liquid lines, refrigerant oil lines, and as a pilot valve to actuate remote gas powered valves and other pilot actuated devices. The Plunger Needle Assembly is also used with most other Refrigerating Specialties Industrial Solenoid Valves. This valve is usually ordered with a close-coupled stainless steel screen strainer. The Valve is available from 6mm to 100mm sizes.


Safety Relief Valves

The Type SR Safety Relief Valves are designed and constructed to meet the requirements of Section VIII ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and ANSI/ASHRAE 15 Code requirements and bear the ASME Code Symbol (UV). Employing proven principles of design, these Safety Relief Valves are highly reliable and dependable. Precision machined moving parts of stainless steel, and a PTFE disc prevent sticking due to corrosion or cold welding and assure valve opening at the set pressure long after installation. They are not suitable for corrosive ambient atmospheres such as chlorine, etc. Connection sizes are 1/2” FPT inlet with 3/4” or 1” FPT outlet. A 3/4” inlet with 1” FPT outlet is also available.

Level Indicator
This float controlled, magnetically actuated, mechanically operated, HERMETICALLY SEALED switch assembly can maintain close control of liquid level. The rugged construction makes it relatively insensitive to disturbances of the refrigeration system or vibration of the attached pipelines. The electrical switch, which is fused, and the operating mechanism are encapsulated within a transparent housing, which HERMETICALLY SEALS the moving parts and switch from ambient conditions and yet allows observation of the switching motion for determination of the liquid level. Type LLC, LLSC, LLAC are U.L. Listed for outdoor service. Types LLX, LLXS, or LLAX are not fused.

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